Update on Eltham High Street changes as cinema opens

By | April 10, 2019

Council Officers have written to Eltham’s Councillors about the arrangements to complete High Street works around the new Eltham Cinema over the next few months.

Because of the hoardings and Cinema works programme, Officers had advertised well in advance (and retained some funds) to complete an element of the Eltham High Street Major Improvement Scheme after the opening of the new cinema. At the Eltham Town Centre Management meeting in St Mary’s Community Centre on Tuesday, it was possible to see that, as the Cinema has neared completion, the highway works around the outside have been completed.

In addition, two final elements of high street work now need completing: the new crossing to the west of the cinema needs building and the pavement will be widened opposite the cinema.

The new crossing is the site of the “courtesy crossing” as proposed in the original plans, but following discussions with local residents, the Council has made a submission to TfL to see whether it could be upgraded (to a zebra or green-man controls).

Temporary traffic lights have been in place at the crossing point since the start of cinema construction – mainly due to visibility issues around the hoarding. Unfortunately, as the hoarding is removed the temporary traffic lights will also be removed. A temporary traffic island at the courtesy crossing will be installed to reflect the original agreed design.

This arrangement will remain in place until the construction of the agreed new crossing has been completed (either as the original courtesy crossing or a controlled crossing) – perhaps a couple of months.

The pavement works on the opposite side will start later this spring (after the cinema has opened) with a short break to avoid road works starting immediately following cinema opening.

Works on the road at the end of Roper Street have been a problem for residents for some years, so we can hope that the completion of the cinema will finally end this chapter for them.

We are grateful to Council Officers for keeping us informed, but if residents have any views on any of these issues, please do get in touch with one of Eltham’s Councillors.

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About Spencer Drury

Spencer was one of the three Councillors for Eltham North Ward between 2002 and 2022. He lost his Council seat in the May 2022 elections and now occasionally contributes to debates on local issues.

4 thoughts on “Update on Eltham High Street changes as cinema opens

  1. Steven cardwell

    To narrow the road in front of cinmea is going to be dangerous.
    During the work to build the cinmea the road was narrow and during this time there was one accident and God knows how many close shaves.

    1. Spencer Drury Post author

      I believe that there are plans to leave some sort of crossing in front of the cinema, but the timings aren’t quite right, so it may not be there in the short term. Many people have made similar points to yours and I know the Council is attempting to respond to them but has to work with TfL which takes longer.

  2. Graham

    I wish you Spencer and all the Conservative Councillors on Greenwich Council great success for the future. We need to get more Conservative Councillors on Greenwich Council to hold the current Labour Administration more to account on certain issues including how they spend money from TFL and Section 106 money from Developers. It is tome for change with Brexit and at Greenwich Council.

    1. Spencer Drury Post author

      Thank you Graham – your support is much appreciated.


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