Halifax, Nationwide and Santander confirm no plans to close Eltham branches

Following letters from Eltham Conservative’s Charlie Davis, Halifax, Nationwide and Santander have confirmed in responses to him that they have no plans to close their existing branches in Eltham.  Charlie wrote to the three banks which retain branches on Eltham High Street following Natwest’s decision to close it’s local branch on 20th August 2024.  All… Read More »

Support banks which remain on our High Street says Charlie Davis 

Following NatWest’s announcement that it will be closing its Eltham branch, Conservative candidate for Eltham and Chislehurst, Charlie Davis is calling on residents to support banks or building societies which commit to retaining their branches on the High Street.  Charlie is already actively campaigning for a banking hub to be introduced in Chislehurst where the… Read More »

All change in Eltham Town Centre… But does Labour care?

Twice a week my morning routine involves dropping our daughter to nursery. We leave our home by Eltham Station and walk to the nursery on the other side of Eltham town centre via Orangery Lane and the High Street. On my way home, I usually pop into one of Eltham’s many independent coffee shops and… Read More »

Labour fails Eltham on defibrillator installation

It is with great sadness and disappointment that I note the Labour Councillors and MP for Eltham have failed to organise the installation of a defibrillator on Westmount Road despite my organising funding prior to the last Council elections (May 2022).  From the summer of 2021, I campaigned hard to allow the adoption of the… Read More »

Labour’s war on cars hits poorest hardest

I recently attended a funeral for a lovely lady who had been a stalwart of the Eltham Conservative Party throughout the time I have been involved. The ceremony was a strangely positive event, celebrating Janet’s life and the wonderful person she was, however, at the wake conversation turned to people’s concerns over how expensive it… Read More »

Is Greenwich Council supporting Eltham?

Recently an Eltham Park resident contacted Charlie and Spencer to express his concerns about the direction of travel locally (this is not a car based pun). We were in regular contact with him as Councillors and with his permission are sharing his view of what is going on in Eltham at the moment – something… Read More »