Council to improve prevention of anti-social behaviour on its estates?

Greenwich Council is set to abolish its current “Tenancy Enforcement Patrol Team” and replace them with uniformed officers who will be working to improve the way public spaces (like greens or landings) are used. The change follows a clear admission by Royal Borough of Greenwich Council that the current approach is not working as in… Read More »

Consultation on Eltham Controlled Parking Zones starts (again)

This week Greenwich Council have announced another consultation on the introduction of Controlled Parking Zones covering a number of areas to the north of Eltham High Street.  The Traffic Management Order was advertised on 23rd June and the consultation lasts for 21 days – so please get any responses (supportive, opposing or just suggesting how… Read More »

Extra funding available for projects in Eltham

Residents across the Royal Borough of Greenwich are being invited to vote to allocate funds for a range of good causes in their areas.   In the south of the Borough, the Greenwich Neighbourhood Growth Fund (GNGF) has £50,000 available for a wide range of good causes, so voting for the one you prefer is going… Read More »

Council alters flat building plan following protests by Eltham Councillors

Eltham residents welcomed the news that Labour-run Greenwich Council decided to withdraw two local sites from its flat building programme following objections by local Conservative Councillors.  At the March meeting of Full Council, the Labour Councillors revealed that they had bowed to pressure from a campaign organised by Eltham Conservatives to remove from the “Site… Read More »

Greenwich Council plans to block off Page Estate roads under the A2

Labour-run Greenwich Council has published plans to construct a new ‘Strategic Cycle Route’ from Eltham to Greenwich Park which intends to block off the roads which currently allow drivers to travel from one side of the Page Estate to the other under the A2 and railway line.  The plan (which is shown below) intends to… Read More »

Concerns over anti-social behaviour on Lovelace Green

Having been contacted by local residents who were concerned about anti-social behaviour on Lovelace Green, I wanted to provide an update from the Council about how they have approached this issue.  Council Officers have visited Lovelace Green (last weekend I think) and could see evidence of the anti-social behaviour, but could not see anyone doing… Read More »

Well Hall Road fences to be repaired

Over the last year, in collaboration with the Progress Residents’ Association (PRA), I have been putting pressure on Hyde Housing to deal with the issue of damaged, decayed and collapsed fencing which is so obvious on Well Hall Road.  On a number of occasions I have received assurances work is starting and the latest one… Read More »