Is Greenwich Council overpaying for senior Council Officers?

By | April 11, 2022

Figures published by the TaxPayers’ Alliance in its “Town Hall Rich List 2022” have revealed the high remuneration received by Greenwich Council’s senior Officers compared to those paid in other local authorities. 

Nationally the average number of employees receiving over £100,000 is 7.7, but in Greenwich this number is 32.  Similarly only two Officers nationally normally receive more than £150,000 per Council but in Greenwich this number is 10. 

Lest Greenwich Council protest the national figures are misleading comparisons to our neighbouring boroughs Conservative Bexley and Labour Lewisham are equally damning.  Combining the number of Officers receiving over £100,000 in Bexley (7) and Lewisham (19) still equates to less than the number employed by Greenwich Council alone. 

It is important not to forget that Inner London Boroughs like Greenwich (£109m) and Lewisham (£123m) receive substantially more Government funding than outer London Boroughs like Bexley (£40m).

The full TaxPayers’ Alliance report can be found here:

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