Monthly Archives: April 2022

Is Greenwich Council overpaying for senior Council Officers?

Figures published by the TaxPayers’ Alliance in its “Town Hall Rich List 2022” have revealed the high remuneration received by Greenwich Council’s senior Officers compared to those paid in other local authorities.  Nationally the average number of employees receiving over £100,000 is 7.7, but in Greenwich this number is 32.  Similarly only two Officers nationally… Read More »

Are Labour candidates allowed their own thoughts?

Leaflets from the Labour Party in the local elections prove that their candidates aren’t allowed to have a thought of their own. Why does this matter? Well, how can Labour candidates represent the people they are elected by in Eltham if they are only allowed to trot out the party line?  Some residents in the… Read More »

Eltham Centre Cafe still not open despite Greenwich Council promises

The confusion and delay at the heart of Labour-run Greenwich Council’s approach to the still closed café in the Eltham Centre has been revealed through repeated questions from Councillor Spencer Drury. The plan to close the Eltham Centre café and expand the gym space was revealed by SE9 magazine on their Facebook page in May… Read More »