Well Hall Road fences to be repaired

By | February 15, 2021

Over the last year, in collaboration with the Progress Residents’ Association (PRA), I have been putting pressure on Hyde Housing to deal with the issue of damaged, decayed and collapsed fencing which is so obvious on Well Hall Road. 

On a number of occasions I have received assurances work is starting and the latest one confirmed that work on repairing and (occasionally) replacing the fencing should have started recently.  However, unfortunately there was a delay to the start on site due to the type of timber required and impact of COVID. I am assured that the fencing repairs will be completed in the next 2 weeks, however, it will be another 3-4 weeks before some of the gates are replaced as this have also been impacted by delays, but should be completed by Mid-March.

Hyde Housing have informed me that these repairs are emergency ones aimed at patching up the fencing along Well Hall Road with a view to replacing the fencing in 2021/22.  The aim is for these repairs to deal with issues like  fences leaning over, renewing any rotting posts or gates that could present any H&S issue i.e. those sites that couldn’t wait until renewal took place.

Loss of right of way in front gardens

As an additional update, in December it became clear after a lengthly exchange of correspondence that Hyde Housing may have sold at least one house on Well Hall Road with the front garden included in the sale.  As a result the right of way along the path in front of the house concerned has now been restricted as the new owner understandably thought they had purchased the whole front garden with no right of way indicated in the sale process.  Having been in communication with Hyde, they admit that the right of way could have been more clearly signposted in the sale and have committed not to let this happen again, however, it is not clear how many times it has happened previously.

Selling homes on the Progress Estate

It should be noted that Hyde Housing are committed to selling homes on the Progress Estate as part of a programme of funding housing building elsewhere in the Borough (particularly Charlton Riverside).  From 2015 to the end of 2019 32 houses were sold by Hyde Housing on the Progress Estate and the programme was set to continue.  Interestingly the Council is busy buying homes across the Borough (£65m spent on this programme so far) but neither party seems to have co-ordinated buying/selling from each other despite my best efforts to point out that surely this much make sense. 

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