Completing the High Street works opposite the cinema

By | October 23, 2019

The Council have written to local Councillors to keep them informed about planned pavement work on Eltham High Street to the west of Roper Street.  

Cllr Spencer Drury speaks with local resident at the site of the proposed works.

During the Eltham High Street public realm improvements, the pavement opposite the cinema could not be built to the full designed width because road space was needed to allow the new cinema to be built safely. As such the current pavement alignment was built with the intention of widening it on completion of the cinema project to better align road and cycle traffic, provide wider footpaths and plant three new trees in the new widened area.

Changes to plans for the crossing

In addition, the nearby historical pelican (green man) controlled crossing was proposed to be replaced with a “courtesy crossing” as part of the original plans when they were approved. However, over the past 12 months or so a range of local stakeholders have asked for this to be reviewed and for a formal green man controlled crossing be installed as originally. The Council has agreed to this and in the summer made an application to TfL for the permanent installation of a new crossing. TfL’s assessment is underway and we expect a decision shortly.

Eltham Lights Up and Christmas shopping

To avoid clashes with Christmas trading and Eltham Lights Up the Council have prepared two phases of work:

i) kerb realignment works leading up to Roper Street providing wider footways and better alignment of the cycle and traffic lanes


ii) installation of new signal infrastructure and commissioning of new crossing point. This email is to notify you of works commencing 28th October 2019 to carry out the kerb realignment works only.

During the works two way traffic will be maintained and works are expected to be completed by 15th November 2019 with working hours between 08:00 – 17:00.

The Council has informed is that it is mindful of Eltham Lights Up in November and the works embargo during December but, if in the event that due to unforeseen circumstances, the works are unable to be completed in time for Eltham Lights Up, the site will be made safe and demobilised until the event has passed. The contractor will then return to complete any remaining works before the December embargo is in effect. Attached is a letter we intend to deliver to locally effected businesses/residents for your information.

Transport for London – Phase 2

For phase two, TfL are currently preparing the signal designs which are to be completed by December 2019 therefore works to install the new signal infrastructure and commissioning of the crossing point will start early in the New Year.

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About Spencer Drury

Spencer was one of the three Councillors for Eltham North Ward between 2002 and 2022. He lost his Council seat in the May 2022 elections and now occasionally contributes to debates on local issues.

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